Wellstrat Services Limited was established in 1999. It is an independent stratigraphical consultancy company providing high-resolution stratigraphical services. These include age determinations and biozoning of sedimentary sequences, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, single well analysis, multi-well correlation studies, sequence stratigraphical analysis and stratigraphical review studies. Wellsite stratigraphical analysis is one of the core services available through our experienced personnel.


Wellstrat offers a complete stratigraphical service through its two consulting directors and experienced staff. The directors, James Keegan and Darrin Stead, have over 35 years combined consultancy experience. A full range of stratigraphical projects are routinely co-ordinated through our network of established and experienced associates.


Wellstrat works in association with other organisations and consultants in order to provide a full analytical geological service. We are also associated with a number of independent laboratories and technical service companies, ensuring access to highly trained staff when required. This team networking approach is tailored to meet the needs of individual projects.


Wellstrat and associates are committed to providing a high quality service, which includes advising clients on the best disciplines and approaches for each project. Our associations ensure that fully integrated reports, both in digital and hardcopy format, are presented as required at the conclusion of each project.


Wellstrat's stratigraphical consultancy is based near Wrexham and Chester in Flintshire. It is conveniently located close to the M56/M53 motorways and within 45 minutes drive of both Manchester and Liverpool international airports.